Applications for the Electronics/ Electrical Assembly Industry

Manufacturers of electronic components, wire harnesses and electrical assemblies are invited to take advantage of the range of specialty products for the electrical sector manufactured and converted by Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. Our electrical solutions include electrical insulation materials/tapes for electrical transformers, coils and capacitors, along with thermal interface products, transfer tapes, and PCB masking tape for printed circuit board fabrication, conformal coating and electronic assembly/wave solder.

Thermal transfer tapes are constructed with thermally conductive ceramic fillers in order to provide a heat transfer path between heat generating components and respective cooling devices. Our tapes offer superior thermal conductivity as well as electrical insulation properties. These tapes are backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive requiring no heat to bond to substrates.

PCB masking tape is developed to protect the printed circuits from solder during component mounting. Our tapes have excellent solder resistance and withstand the applications rigorous high temperature and chemical conditions. The tape features excellent bonding to protect during processing but is easily removed with no residue left behind. Tapes are available in customers desired width since we custom slit in house. A variety of thicknesses are also available to meet demanding customer requirements. All of our products and processes are held to the highest standards in industry, maintaining ISO certification and Mil-Spec compliance. For more information about our line of electronic-specific products please contact us directly.

High Performance Tapes