Applications for Industrial Products

At Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. we offer a range of products highly suited for industrial use. Applications for our tape and rubber products include: splicing tapes, paint and powder coat masking, release or slide/wear surface, abrasion resistance, cushioning, vibration and sound dampening, thermal insulation, thermal transfer, moisture barrier, dust and liquid gasketing, gap filling and other applications for end product/OEM production. Superior material holding is possible with our line of splicing tapes which bond to a wide variety of surfaces. Varied material offering provide a wide selection of colors as well as solutions for temporary and or long terms holding/ bonding.

Our splicing tapes have exceptional tack, and are suitable for the holding, seaming, and protecting of a wide range of materials. Splicing tape can be used to prevent flagging, reduce telescoping, and provide a continuous manufacturing process. Our tapes are easy to apply, are resistant to extreme environments, and provide a conformable and dependable seal. Tapes can be successfully applied to a number of substrates including paper, films, and foils.

Our gasketing materials primarily silicone or silicone sponge provide long term sealing solutions impervious to water, dirt and dust, ozone, UV, as well as many chemicals. Choosing this type gasket reduces costly replacement as the gaskets can be re-used/open and shut due to the material's ability to resist compression set. These gaskets can operate in temperature ranges from -100F to 500F and maintain flexibility. All these material can be supplied with or without adhesive for ease of application. Additionally we have the capability to die cut or waterjet these materials to customer's design specifications.

For more information about our cost effective industrial solutions and accessories, or the other recognized products and capabilities please contact us directly.

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