MIL-SPEC Approved Tape and Rubber Materials

In an effort to standardize and approve materials for use by the branches of military service and the US Department of Defense, Mil Specs were designed for engineers to locate and choose materials for specific military applications. Those specs have been tested and approved for application within categories of material. Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. can supply tape products and rubber products that meet Mil Spec requirements.

High Performance Tapes

MIL-SPEC Tape Products

ATS Mil Spec Tapes can be used for electrical insulation in electrical wire harnesses, electrical coils, capacitors, transformers and printed circuit boards. The primary purpose is to block electrical currents from creating a short circuit or an electrical breakdown where it is not wanted and could be detrimental and or dangerous.

Military Specification Type / Class Product / Series
A-A-59474 / Mil-I-23594C
Insulation Tape, Electrical, High Temperature Insulation, PTFE, Pressure Sensitive
Type 1 / Class 1 2255-2, HM350, TV 350, 204-ND Series
Type 2 / Class 1 HM352-2E, 2255-3
Type 1 / Class 2 "T", 204HD* Series
Type 2 / Class 2 HM352-3E
Type 1 / Class 4 2255-5, HME, 204HD* Series
Insulation Tape, Electrical, High Temperature, Glass Fiber, Pressure Sensitive
NA G-561, 2915-7 Series
Mil-I-46852C / A-A-59163
Class 2 / Type 2 Triangular Cross Section .20 tk 602 blue guideline 1" wide
Class 2 / Type 2 Triangular Cross Section .30 tk 603 white guideline 1" wide
Class 2 / Type 2 Triangular Cross Section .40 tk 604 green guideline 1" wide
Class 2 / Type 2 Triangular Cross Section .50 tk 605 yellow guideline 1.25" wide
Class 2 / Type 2 Triangular Cross Section .60 tk 606 blue guideline 1.50" wide
Class 2 / Type 2 Triangular Cross Section .80 tk 608 white guideline 1.50" wide
Mil-T-23397B / LT80B
Tape, Pressure Sensitive for Paint Stripping Operation, Amendment 2
Type 11 T-3612 Series
F.A.R. 25.853 (a)
Materials for Aircraft Interior Panel Structures
NA T-3601,T-3605 Series
S3400, S3401, S3405, S3406 Series
Mil-P-46112B / ASTM D 5213
Polyimide Sheet and Strip with or without Heat Sealable FEP Coating (backing only)
NA "K", 2345 Series
Mil-I-15126 - MFT2.5
Insulation Tape, Electrical, Thermosetting PSA, MFT2.5, Polyester , 2.5 Nominal Tks
MFT2.5 "M" Series (54, 64, 97)

MIL-SPEC Rubber Products

ATS Mil Spec Rubber products can be used as gaskets, seals, vibration and sound dampeners and insulation blankets. Commonly these products are specified in conjunction with metal fabricated aircraft parts. These varied rubber materials may have properties from heat and or flame resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, or compression set resistance. Above properties are spelled out within the appropriate Military Specification.

Military Specification Product
ZZ-R-765 Viton (Dupont trademark)
AMS 3195, Mil R-6130, Mil R-46089 Silicone Sponge - Closed Cell
Mil-R-25988B Fluorosilicone rubber gaskets and materials.
AMS 3325 through AMS 3331 Used to specify fluorosilicone products.
AMS 3301, 3302, 3303, 3304, 3320 Silicone Solid Rubber
AMS-3205 Buna (Nitrile)
AMS-3207 Butyl
AMS-3215 Ethylene-Propylene Rubbers (EPDM)
Mil-R-3065 Neoprene